Physiotherapy in Ahmedabad.

If you have been seriously injured, had a heart attack or stroke or have a long-term condition, you will be supported by a team of health professionals. Rehabilitation is about enabling and supporting individuals to recover or adjust, to achieve their full potential and to live as full and active lives as possible. LIFELINE Hospital and ICU provided the best physiotherapy in Ahmedabad.

Rehab should start as soon as possible to speed recovery. Research shows it can improve your mobility and activity levels, shorten the amount of time you need to stay in hospital or off work and greatly improve the quality of your life.

The general aim is to improve your strength and mobility and to find ways around any problems. For example, if you have had a fall, your physio may recommend some equipment to assist you with walking and an exercise program to improve your balance and strength.

Rehabilitation can also help you with stamina management in the case of asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome or following major surgery. The physiotherapist will need to have a good look at how you move; they may need you to remove some of your clothes. It is a good idea to dress comfortably and wear suitable underwear. Everything you tell the physio will be completely confidential. Physiotherapists are the third largest health profession after doctors and nurses.

The Physiotherapist at Lifeline ICU Hospital is called an ONCALL basis as per the requirement of the patient. They are dedicated to delivering catheter-based treatments for Rehabilitation. With our team of doctors and modern technology, our partnered Physiotherapist is properly equipped to help our patients with the problems. We promote the healthy functioning of the human body, and strive towards helping our patients at every step of their disease, and make their recovery process fast and comfortable.

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